Wonderful Sunny Day <3


Today has been a great day!
(Except from that i really miss someones company)
The sun has been shining trough out the day and i started of my day at Hälsopunkten with a new PT client - introduced her to her strenght program : )
Then lazy me stopped of at the Thai Food place to buy lunch when i was close by to do some other stuff. Its great cause 1 portion lasts for 2 meals for me...
Chicken and vegtable wok with white rice.
Then i left the house as a MMSport <3
To find a nice café to sit and do some work - decided to go to Ystad to "Fritidsbaren" - a classic since i were a kid <3
Can there really be a better place to work??? ; )
- they have the best Danish Pastrys in the world - one just slipped on my plate when i was order for coffee : ))
After finishing all the new training programs for my clients i went for a 30 min Powerwalk along the Beach - to get rid of 10 % of the Pastry ; )) Haha. Lucky its Legday today at the gym.
The sea really have a healing effect on me - LOVE <3
Did some shopping on my way home before heading to the gym to have a client and to do my own Rehab and Leg workout - went very well - im happy : )
I bought this(still have an amount to spend at "Porla Kusin" here in Skurup. Got a "voucher" from T at Christmas)
- hehe someone is going to make alot of healthy ice-cream this summer : )
And YES Linda - they will be containing Banana ; ) Haha.
Hope you had a great day to and that the rest of the week will give us enough sun-beems to train hard and work hard the coming week as well. 

Rehab is going so so....


Hello everyone - hope you have enjoyed your week so far.
Ive not done much, try to focus on work and my training and the rehab training for my knees - going so so, not very well actually - this is when i should have needed someone like myself - a PT ; )) Hehe no motivation at all to do these rehab exercises every second day : (
But the fact is that I HAVE TO - to get a good looking and healthy body over all i need good knees to do all the other exercises i want to do - so i just have to face it....getting there dont worry.
Trying to keep the carbs down - i found a new favourite - if you have followed my blog for a while or if you know me you also know that i do not really like quark and any kind of yogurt stuff : /
But what i found tasty was the greek yogurt when we were at Crete last autumn! Have forgotten about it cause of the high fat % and strict diet before the bodyfitness competition but WOW its good.
Top it with Hazelnuts, coconut flakes and honey - YUMMMM!
ALOT of fat but very little carbs ; )
Had a really good start of the day today with a successful meeting with a future collaborator : )
So keep your eyes and ears open cause there will be some crazy things going on around Skurup this summer!
Cant wait to start.
Yesterday when i was on my way to the gym i passed by these wonderful yellow fields of colza and the sun was  heating up half of my face through the car window and actually last thing i wanted to do was to enter the gym and be INSIDE : ( Decided to do the heavy weights for chest and triceps in there and then i did half of my session outside on one of the playgrounds close by : )
Easy way of working out your abs is to put your feet up on the swing and stand handstand in a push-up position, then you pull your knees towards the chest ; ))
Outside I also did:
Incline push ups
Burpees without the push up (dont know the english name for that)
Jumping jacks
Reverse crunches in swing
High knees
By the way - this is the best nuts in the world ; )) Macadamian nuts honey coated - bought them in Kenya and i have never seen honey coated macadamian nuts over here : ( If you have - pleeaaase let me know : ))

Happy Sunday with Mothers Day and my best friend.


Spent the day in the gym and together with my best friend : )
I say as she said before - we couldnt have spent our Sunday in any better way.
This morning i could have stayed in bed forever....
I have to start to become friends with these fellows again - need my vitamins.
Multivitamins, Minerals, Omega 3 and fatburners ALA.
Rehab and Shoulder workout today in the gym.
After gym went home - made a quick cake and put it in the owen while showering then i went home to my mum to congrat her on MOTHERS DAY with a small present and a still hot chocolate cake ; )
Spent the evening together with my very best friend Sabina <3
We went out for dinner in a place called MANDO - its a steakhouse at Lilla Torg in Malmö. Her favourite place.
We really had a great time with alot of laughters and crazy jokes - the way we ARE : )
Nice last BAD meal : ) Hehe tomorrow im starting my new diet - away with all these fatty and sugarish things from my daily meals - YERK! Getting tired of it now and i do not aprecciate it as i did the weeks after the competitions when i had not eaten it for so long. To be honest it doesnt taste that good after all.
So - tomorrow is the day when i start my journey against my Bikini Shape ;)
Ill update you here on the blog about what ill eat.
On the way to the car we stopped by at WAYNES COFFEE and i bought a Latte with Cinnamon Syrap - I TOUGHT - Yerk she had put caramell syrap instead and that made me even more anxious to get back to a healthy diet - tasted like hot milk with alot of sugar : (
In the car on my way back home i suddenly felt like going out for a run - even if the rain was poring down i did not mind - let it NOT stop me ; )) Hehe i dont know where the energy came from. I have to put into words that i dont like running at all ; ) Haha.
5,68 km om 31,04 min.
Alright bed is calling my name - waking up at 04.30 tomorrow morning so its really time to crash in between the pillows and turn of the brain for some hours : )

Back-training with Jess. a nice lunch and an unexpected BBQ.


Today i went to Malmö in the morning to train together with Jess <3
Always as fun to see her and i really enjoy her company. We did Back in a gym in Malmö called MuscleZone.
Feels good to heading back on track again - but i have a hard time trying to keep my shoulder blades down.
Ive prmised myself now that ill start doing YOGA - i think thats exactly what i need and what my body needs. And luckily Jess is starting a new YOGA Group in 2 weeks time - they do 6 weeks 1 session/week and she told me there is room for me : )) YEAH feels good - nice plan but im telling you - WHAT A CHALLENGE!!!!
After the workout we ate lunch in a place nearby - Chickenbreast with chili and pesto and my favouite - Gorgonzola sauce.
Moments like this your happy your not on a diet.
Before heading back home i went for some shopping and a nice coffee in the shopping Mal Entré.
Actually i went back to the car, sat down ad changed my mind of going back home to a boring apartment.
Found a present for mum for tomorrow on Mothers Day, socks, a calender for work 2013-2014 and a nice shirt/blouse for myself.
Really like it - the material is wonderful.
Got some work done at the computer and late evening i got a call from Tias - they wondered if i wanted to join them for a BBQ at work (they are working night shift) - yeah why not i havent eaten dinner anyway - turned out supernice.
Im off to bed cause tomorrow im heading to the gym as soon as they open up at 10.00 ; ) YEAH!

Furious 6 and a Sunny day with my PT clients


Yesterday me and 2 friends went for a movie in one of the cinemas in Malmö.
"Furious 6" ofcourse : ) So damn good!!! And my favourite Vin Diesel - Mmm hmmm hmmm ; )
Came home quite late so slept for long this morning - my neck is still very painful in the mornings and when i lay there in bed i never feel like waking up actually - frustrating - hope heavy weights will solve the problem this coming week ; ))
I have spent the afternoon with a bunch of PT clients : ) Hard working all of them. 
Went out in the woods with one of the girls and did 30 min of strenght combined with 20 min flexibility exercises. We got DIRTY : )
With another client i introduced Squats - she really surprised me with the barbell : ) She had only done "air-squats" before as a preparing practise but they looked GOOD today - wow - Im impressed.
Super good job done today Martina : )
On my way from Skurup to Veberöd from one gym to the other i grabed a Aloe Vera drink. First time trying the one with Goji berries and i do prefer the original one.
Did some shopping before going back home and with a smile on my face i found something in the freezers ive never seen before. Already portion packed shrimps and crayfish tails : ) YUMM! Perfect when you want to control the calorie intake/day.
Did a minced meat/squash gratin for me myself and i this lovely evening <3
Put layers of squash and layers of minced meat spiced your own way on top of eachother.
Put some nice plum tomatoes and feta cheese on top before placing it in the middle of the owen at 200 degrees for 30 min : ))
Ill eat it with a small piece of bread i have in the house and if i dont it today it will get bad but the idea was to eat it as it is with a sallad. Low carb dish for evening meals.
Time to eat - enjoy your Friday evenings everyone.
Ill just be chilling in the house with some paper/computer work - tomorrow ill have my fun ; ))

A afternoon full of work - Freash face with DIVINE and a Triceps flex.


Hello everyone!
Back home, taken a shower and feeling fresh n tired after an afternoon full of work - finished work at 22.15 on Wednesdays and after that i have a 45 min drive back home. Nice day at work - alot of jokes and funs with colleges - thats how its suppose to be ; ))
Before leaving the house i took some pics - long time since i posed infront of the camera - there is not much to flex right now but i just had to try ; ) Looking forward to get back to my routines and heading towards a better shape again. I think ill start on Monday ; ) (thats a classic - hehe)
I do imagine that the Anti-wrinkle cream, eyegel and the hydromoisturise that i bought at the AROMATIC SPA in Nairobi this time is actually lifting up the look of my face a bit - or maybe its the placebo effect ; ) ?
Or maybe the 3 weeks vacation i just had in Kenya : )) ?
What do you think?
The brand is called DIVINE and she is making them by herself at the SPA.
I bought the hydromoist in 2009 and i just loved it - so lucky it was still there <3
This is the real thing.

Chiropractor appointment & Running against darkness.


Another Monday - second week at home - why do time always run so fast over here.
Do we forget to appreciate time and life?
Been at work the whole day and had one PT client after that then i went to town. Had an appointmednt with my chiropractor to get rid of the pain in my neck. During the days im quite okey but during night im not sleeping well and in the mornings i wake up with pain - it came back during the bus-trip from hell from Nairobi to Lamu - haha 8 + 8 hours and only 2 hours in between - Yaaaooocchhh.
Ofcourse he managed to fix it but now i need to see my massage therapist to let him do some trigger point massage to easen up the stiff muscles. Luckily i got an appointment already on Thirsday - im soooooo HAPPY i got these guys : ) You are the best.
Zsolt and Laszlo if you read this - i need a bigger logotype ; )) Cant get it bigger then this : (
I spent the evening in the house did some administration work for the company and ended the working day at Hälsopunkten for a consultation with a new PT client ; ) I see big potential in that girl so im looking forward to a exciting journey together with her : )
Ended my day and my restless mind with a run - Japp u read it right - i went out RUNNING : /
Haha not really what i use to do but with all these confusing thoughts in my mind and heavy heartbeats trough out the day i think i just had to ; )
Im not use to these light evenings yet - in Kenya it gets dark at around 19.00 every day and right now in south Sweden the darkness hits the ground at around 22.00 - not strange at all that i cant sleep.
Just love the yellow fields of Colza <3
Ah aha can u see those wrinkles around the eyes - thats my 27th birthday taking out its rights ; ))
Some EGO pics on my legs.
Right now my legs and my bum are my biggest "smallest" complex - i need them to grow bigger and bigger <3
On the pics it doesnt looks that bad after all - but u know its all about the angles ; )
Yeah yeah Rehab Rehab and after that WATCH ME!!!!
Will keep focus on my upper body till my knees are okey - then ill do Squats 7 days a week ; )
I miss you <3

Lazy Sunday and Pancakes with Love <3


Woke up late this morning and had a very nice company for breakfast ; )
Did some things at home and tried to get to know my birthday presents. Got a Nespresso Coffee machine from dad and family and ofcourse i had to put it in place : )
Went to the gym and did my REHAB program for my bad knees and added a few other leg exercises where i could push myself a bit. Nice to be back on track. 
Was hoping that somebody would want to spend their evening with me but i was wrong. Got ready for a coffee out somewhere or just any happening outside the house but there was NO respons. Anyhow:
I really like my new shirt - one of my birthday presents - this one from Sabina <3
Ended my day with a PW in town.
50 min of superquick steps around Skurup - Restless as hell - some pics from "Skurup by night"
Had some good music in the headphones and tried to just stay in the moment for at least these 50 minutes.
Came back in the house and made some banana pancakes.
They are made of bananas and eggs only - and really good - YUMM. Took one as an evening snack and added 2 table spoons of quark and some small decoration hearts for fun ; )
Alright - ill try to put this energetic body to bed now.
Why is it always like this - energetic in the evenings and in the mornings it feels like someone is waking me up from the dead : (. Hate sleeping alone.

Belated Celebrated 27th Birthday : )


Hello there everyone!
Are you till there reading even if im writing in english? Haha - good most people in Sweden nows english now a days.
I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday when we celebrated my 27th birthday. The party was held in my mums and her husbands house - in there place we could sit outside in the amazing warm and sunny weather we had yesterday so that was perfect : )
BBQ masters master ; ) Tias,
OK - we shared the duty : ) But ofcourse i had to serve the guests...
Sis, little bro, me and my siters kids Tellus & Theo.
Me and my very best friend Sabina <3
Chocolate cake and my Carrotcake was ordered by the guests : ) 
My mums husband, me and my lovely mum.
Me and my "Bad-ass" Dad ; )) Haha.
Japp i had a great day and it was the best birthday ever.
Both families there, best friend and her family was there, Tias was there and sis family were there <3
Thank you for all the great presents - only got stuff that i actually have use for - i like that.

Lonely Friday.


Hello buddies.

Enjoying your Friday evening more than me I hope ; ). Tried to go to bed as early as 21.40 cause of lack of things to do. Ofcourse I couldnt sleep.
Lying in bed blogging on the phone hoping to feel a bit more sleepy efterwards.

I had a great day. Went for a consultation with a client of Personal Training in the morning n then headed straight to Tomelilla Folkhögskola (my former folk highschool) to visit my sis and my former teachers Göran and Mats : )). You know there is few teachers that ull never forget about in a lifetime - they are <3. I had a great time.

Clients in Veberöd at Actic in the afternoon. Good job done girls - always joyable to train you. Went home for a quick change and a energy boose...

Then headed down to Hälsopunkten here in Skurup to end my working week with another client of mine. Check up on strenght and food.
Cause of no grousseries (do i spell it like that) in the house and cause of spending this lovely spring evening all by myself i went down to my favourite restaurant SARA's and ordered for my favourite sallad : )

Thats my day boys and girls : )
No workouts today either - tomorrow im having my birthday party but on Sunday its a GYM DAY for me ; )

Will hug my pillow and try to go to sleep.
Have a really nice weekend guys.

Happy Birthday to ME!


Goodmorning everyone.
NO its not any day today - its a actually my birthday ; )) Hehe.
Happy to have survived another year on planet Earth and im looking forward to spend more of my time here.
In the moment struggeling to fit back in in my own routines and normal weekdays and trying to co-operate with changes in life. Sometimes Its hard to make these big desicions in life but whats even harder is to make them without being sure of them : (.
Amazing how a day can start of just as ANY other day and then turn into the day that completely changes your whole life.
Ill try to be that strong girl you can spot from the outside and try to hide everything else behind that little smile of mine. LIFE!

A lovely Morning.


First day back at work - im back to buisness : ))
NO workout today - didnt sleep much this passed night and i had to cook, so...
Felt a bit funny to drive to work today but at the same time it felt like i havent been any where - routines.
(Please boys and girls let me know if i do any bad spelling - im writing in english to learn more)
There is a beautiful place that i actually pass by every morning im driving to work.
Its called "Stenberget" Direct translation and it would be "The Stonemountain" Haha. Got a nice shot today.
Africa had tought me how to appreciate small things on our ways <3
I stopped the car, had a great look while i was eating my breakfast (in the var) and took a pic for you guys as well - lovely morning.

Ystad Cruising and BBQ in Sabinas garden <3


Hi everyone!
Japp now in english so its really EVERYONE!
The weekend is left behind us and i dont know, mine went just like that. Came home the night between Friday and Saturday and on Saturday i didnt do much at all during the day - just tried to mentaly come back to Sweden again, haha. In the evening i ended up in Ystad - Ofcourse on their yearly Cruising. Nice american cars all over the place, but waooo - it was freezing cold.
Yesterday - Sunday i actually spended the morning in the house just relaxing. In early afternoon i picked my lovely sis and her dog up at the trainstation and we went for a small visit to IKEA. Had to buy her some pillows for the pillow-covers i bought for her at ONE WAY - Kikoy Wear in Nairobi.
Wonderful to see her again - ive missed her.
After that we went to buy some meat and then off to my BEST friend Sabinas place for BBQ.
Ofcourse i was in charge ; ))
Everyone enjoyed the sun - humans as dogs <3
Sabinas Chiino.
Beautiful sis and Me.
The Nyma Choma is on.

KENYA 2013: Tillbakablick <3


Tjeeeeena allihopa!
Då var man hemma i Sverige igen ännu en gång.
Tänkte uppdatera er med lite bilder från resan som jag inte kunnat lägga upp under tiden jag varit där nere pågrund av långsamt internet och bortkopplingar. Vart ju en del gånger som man skrivit en roman och uppdaterat med en massa bilder på telefonen och sen har allting bara försvunnit när man försökt publicera det hela : ( Surt. Så jag tröttnade där ett tag på att skriva faktiskt.
Kom hem natten till Lördag och har haft en helt underbar semester - har faktiskt kunnat koppla bort jobbet helt och hållet och det behövdes verkligen.
Måndag imorgon igen - Back to work!
The best dinner i had had in a very long time - Chef Babu British ; ))
Stooooooort tack till Babu som lät mig bo hemma hos honom - goe du : )
Man bodde minsann flott ; )
Vad skulle Lamu varit utan sina åsnor.
I Nairobi hittade jag det godaste Kulfin jag ätit sedan Kongo - YUMM så god den var.
På En av de Indiska restaurangerna på Daimond Plaza.
Hit ut åkte jag för resans första Tusker - Kenyas populäraste öl.
Floating Cabin Bar.
Att resa till Lamu med buss från Nairobi tar först 8 tim mellan Nairobi och Mombasa och sedan 8 tim från Mombasa till Lamu - Kräk - hemresan var minst lika jobbig som ditresan - ont i rumpan var bara förnamnet.
Första natten ute för min del på ca 1 år : )) Kan ni tänka er - har inte varit ute och festat på 1 helt år.
Vi hade en fantastisk kväll och var hemma 07.00 på morgonen.
Gypsys i Nairobi och en sväng till AQUA Bar n Lounge och nattklubben TreeHouse.
Hittade denna bilden på Zarnash gym där jag tränade förrut - tyckte att den var så jäkla bra : ))
Enkokidongoi var lika vackert som alltid.
Uhuru Park.
Staden - utsikt från taket på mitt hotel - DownTown Hotel.
Bild från en av mina löprundor.
Bästa fruktsalladen hittar ni på Adams Arcade på "Mapelibe Juices Parlour"
Go frulle på JAVA HOUSE - Granola med Yogurt och honung.
Goa bebbar på Elefant orphanaget.
Kunde självklart inte låta bli att bli fadder till en liten.
SPA - Pedikyr och Manikyr på Jusses schema innan hemresa såklart.
Mycket billigare än hemma.
"Som att gå på moln"
Sista kvällen i Nairobi - i Torsdags bjöd jag ut Lynn som tack för att jag fått bo hos henne. Självklart på ONAMI - det blev en reunion där tillsammans efter 4 år ; )) Självklart med favoritdrinken "Watermelon Martini"
SKÅL! För en lyckad semester.
Avslutar mitt inlägg här.
Under dessa 3 veckorna har all smärta i fötterna försvunnit och den "sprängande" känslan i kroppen är oxå borta - sistnämda säkert osakats av stress. Så väl hemma igen är mitt mål att fortsätta må lika bra som jag gör nu och verkligen ta hand om min kropp - ÄNNU mer än vad jag gjort innan.
Sista 1,5 veckan har det inte blivit någon träning alls.
Det känns faktiskt BRA - tror att kroppen behövde vila helt från den positiva stressen oxå.
Men imorgon är det Måndag och mina muskler ska få sig en rejäl törn bland frivikterna : )) Hehe GÖTT!
Ber om ursäkt för allt felstavande under resan - det beror på att telefonen stavar till en oxå glömmer man ibland att gå tillbaka och kolla innan man publicerar - har bara varit glad över att det gått att publicera : )) Hehe.
Min blogg kommer hädanefter att vara på engelska.
Har många engelsktalande vänner som tycker att det är dö-trist att jag skriver på svenska och ni svennar ni kan ju engelska - eller hur ; )?
Dessutom behöver jag bli bättre på engelska har jag konstaterat så det är bara nyttigt för min del med.
Nä nu är det läggdax.

KENYA 2013: Minisemester till vackra Lamu - INGEN traning har inte.


Kom hem Fran min lilla semester idag. Tankte bjuda pa lite bilder darifran.

Lamu ar en liten o utanfor Kenyas just. On har inga bilar - endast ons enda ambulans : ) annars anvander de sig endast av asnor : ).

Bodde hos en vans van och blev val omhandertagen. Bodde I Hans superfina hus med takterass och varldens storsta himmelsang. (har tyvarr manga bilder pa kameran).

Koket - e det inte underbart.

Swahili cafe : ) Riktigt God sockerkaka faktiskt.

Stack min forsta Tusker (kenyansk ol) pa en Floating Cabin mitt Ute I havet mellan on och mangrover skogen. Det var That moment.

Men sen nar blev Tuskern en "fucker" haha.

Det ar ju regnperiod sa nar det regnar sa regnar det ordentligt : )

Jag och Elias smet in pa ett lokalt cafe och kakade lunch. Githeri (majs o bonor) med nybakta chapatis. Yumm.

Efter sista ravens shopping I vantan pa baten mot fastlandet njot jag av en Stoney - Godaste lasken (efter Colan) pa Top Roof Bar n Restaurant. : ) Ingefara.

Bussresan hem var lika hemsk som dit. Gah - 8 tim med forsta bussen och 9 tim med andra. Svettig skitig och ont I roven.

Men...tillbax I Nairobi I sakert forvar oxh sjalvklart blev det en favoritkaffe "on the go" pa vag hem. Malindi Macchiato pa Java House.

Dax att Nanna kudden nu - I helgen blir min forsta utgang pa nastan 1 ar - saaaa sjukt. Men det blir skoj. Forst brasiliansk middag med Lynn.

KENYA 2013: The David Sheldrick Center - Elefant Orphanage Nairobi.


Inte langt ifran Chris kontor hittar man detta fina Center. Mysigt liter orphanage for elefant ungar och noshornings ungar som pa ett Eller annat satt overgetts av sina foraldrar. Oftast sa blir foraldrarna dodade av oss manniskor : (

Vi fick delta pa en matning dar de under risen informerade oss
om elefanternas situation I Kenya och presenterade de olika individerna.

Det kostar bara 500 ksh att komma in vilket motsvarar ca 40 kr. Sen kan man valja att adoptera en elefant. Jag gjorde det - endast 50 dollar/ar och da hjalper man I alla fall till litegrann. Fiiiiiina de ar de sma liven - fascinerande djur.

KENYA 2013: Ransley Coffee Rostery and The David Sheldrick Center - Elefant orphanage.


Haftigt att fa besoka Chris rosteri och fa en riktigt go kopp kaffe till ljudet av bonor som rostas till en harlig morkrost. Himmelriket.

Fick en harlig introduktion hur man satter olika "grades" pa bonorna och hur ladder sedan setts inom en visa aroma kategori efter det provsmakats.

Godaste koppen kaffe jag nagonsin druckit <3